About Attavik

Attavik is connecting users in a mesh network bulid up of Attavik RED (Range Extender Devices) and ordinary smartphones. It'll work even off-net, if only you can reach other Attavik RED's.

Attavik is a startup with a small team, have done proff of concept looking to attract investors to help finalize the product.

The Team

Poul Holm, Founder and inventor of Attavik technologies, Chariman of Attavik A/S

Jeanne Holm, Founder and the Attavik treasurer, Boradmember of Attavik A/S

John Siegstad, Co-Founder and CEO of Attavik A/S - Europe,
E-mail: LukSiegstad@gmail.com

George Stepancich, Co-Founder and CEO of Attavik - US